About Ted

Hi, I’m Ted! I’m a husband, father, dog owner, and rock climber living in the Pacific Northwest. I started this site to share money tips and help people take control of their finances. As a professional financial counsellor and coach with an MBA in Finance, I do more than just help you create a budget. I specialize in helping you afford the life you want to live, and feel truly empowered when it comes to your money.

Why work with me?

Regaining control of your personal finances can seem daunting at first. You might not know where to start. That’s where I come in. I specialize in private, one-on-one coaching and counselling sessions. Whether you’ve been living paycheck to paycheck, are swimming in debt, or just need some help budgeting for a big move, I’m here to help.

What to expect during our sessions

We’ll discuss your finances in a safe, confidential, beginner-friendly atmosphere. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Don’t worry: I promise not to overload you with industry jargon. In fact, I hate jargon. That’s why I’ll always explain financial concepts in ways that are easy to understand. You tell me your goals, we analyze your current situation, we create a budget, and we craft an action plan for how to get you where you want to be. Best of all, I’m here to guide you through the entire process, one actionable step at a time.

If you find yourself nodding along with any of this, or if you have any questions for me at all, I encourage you to reach out on my Contact page. I’d love to hear from you and schedule some time for the two of us to chat about how I can help you.

Not quite ready for coaching or counselling? That’s okay, too! Head on over to my Money Smart Tips page for some of my favorite financial articles, free of charge.

Here’s to your financial future,